STEG BM4 – Coaxial Speaker

The new STEG Upgrade Kit includes years and years of development, hours and hours of listening tests to select the best materials and enclose them in a unique product. The new Kit for BMW?is the ultimate expression of sound reproduction and uncompromising design, just take off the original and replace it with this new STEG Kit to appreciate a radical change of sound quality immediately without moving any bore or cutting off some cables from ?original. We have not neglected any details to bring in the exact replay of a Live concert. Another product that is about to become a reference for the world market.



  • 10cm coaxial loudspeaker for BMW and MINI
    • For BMW E Series (from approx. 2004)
    • For BMW X Series (from approx. year of manufacture 2004)
    • For BMW F Series
    • MINI from year of manufacture 2014

Technical Data

  • Impedance 4 Ohm
  • Frequency response ( Hz ) 90-20KHz
  • Rated power ( W ) 30W
  • Maximum power ( W ) 6OW
  • Sensitivity ( dB 1W/1M ) 88dB
  • Qms 2,34
  • Qes 0,30
  • Qts 0,26
  • Mms 6.95G
  • Vas 4.97L
  • Weight 0.372KG

Item Parameters

  • Speaker Type:?Coaxial | 1 Way
  • Watts RMS:?Up to 40W
  • Crossover Type:?Easy Mount
  • Brand:?STEG
  • Category:?Car Specific Speaker
  • Car:?BMW
  • Size:?100mm | 4″

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