Avatar ATU-1500.1D

Avatar ATU-1500.1D – 1-channel amplifier (D class) with nominal power 1500W.

Practical design, high power and considered filters make these models excellent decision for loud and high-quality car audio system.

Cast aluminium body has very good breaking resistanse. Also, heat resistance is very effective.

All the TSUNAMI monoblocs are bridgeable, that allows doubling the power to get desired maximum of sound pressure


Model ATU-1500.1D
Type Amplifier Class-D
Number of the channels 1
Frequency Response 8 – 180 Hz
1 Ohm RMS Power (14.4 V) 1500 W
2 Ohm RMS Power (14.4 V) 1000 W
4 Ohm RMS Power (14.4 V) 600 W
Minimum permissible load on the channel 1 Ohm
Minimum permissible load in a bridge connection 2 Ohm
Input SPL 0.2 – 5 V
Low Pass Filter 40 – 180 Hz
Crossover 12 dB/Oct
Subsonic Filter 10 – 50 Hz
Bass Boost 0 – 12 dB
Input Terminal 4 Ga
Output Terminal 8 Ga
Working Voltage 10 – 15 V
Signal-to-noise Ratio = 70 dB
Size (WxLxH) 13.46 x 7.28 x 2.32 inch

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