Audio System 500.1 High End 500 W RMS Mono Amplifier

Power 4 ohms monoWatt RMS 14.4 Volt 200 x?1
Power 2 ohms monoWatt RMS 14.4 Volt 350 x 1
Power 1 ohm monoWatt RMS 14.4 Volt 500 x 1


Minimum load impedance of 1?ohms

Frequency response 5 Hz ? 300 Hz

Filter Intervention Band:
Subsonic?15?? 55Hz
LP 45 ? 255Hz
Bass Boost 0 + 12 (45Hz)
Filter Depth: 12 dB / oct

Volt RMS 0.2 V to 5 V

195 x 59?x 232 mm

2,85 Kg

COMPONENTIST High quality and precision, TRANSISTOR selected one by one, solid terminal blocks that accept large cables and passive components at very low tolerance.

DESIGN Forms designed by function, elegant and sophisticated lines. Designed to disperse the heat quickly

SOUND Final stage and preamplifier as a synthesis of Audiosystem Italy know-how. Exclusive circuits like GR.I.P.S. (Eliminating any external noise), Straigth-In (reduced path of signal), and new audiophile drivers entirely to discrete components, the heart of Bel Sound AUseries.

AUseries, the name of these new electronics. Represents the commitment taken by Audiosystem Italy to create amplifiers designed, besides sound, for competitions. The power available, high current and impressive dynamics are among the features guaranteed by a project that has not spared anything. The massive use of powerful semiconductors, the power distribution across several transformers in parallel and the use of an extremely effective dissipating system guarantee all the energy and reliability required to drive continuously any type of load up to 1?ohm.

FUNCTIONALITY: TTwo separate and independent LP and HP filters ? High-pass, Low-pass?? 12 dB.

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