Vibrofiltr 3.0 10 Sheet Pack

Is used for forming a layer of waterproof, insulating vibrations in cars and other places where there is also a need for sound insulation,
protection against vibration and corrosion. Vibration damping material has a multilayer structure and comprises a layer of ecologically
pure composition of butyl rubber and aluminum foil.
In production, VIBROFILTR uses high viscosity aluminum foil. As a result, the material has an increased frequency range of mechanical
loss coefficient (ILC).


? Thickness : 3,0 mm (+ 0,2 mm)
? Size of sheet : 0.5m x 0.7m / 0,35 m2
? Mechanical loss
coefficient at 200 Hz : 0,50
? Quantity in the package : 10 sheets / 3,5 m2
? Weight of 1 m2,
not less : 4,5 kg 1 m?:


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