Vibrofiltr Autoshim Gray Wave 15 mm 10 Sheet

Autoshim Gray Wave 15 mm materials have a pyramidal face, which makes it much more efficient to absorb and dissipate noise in comparison with the proposed analogs. The material does not emit an odor and does not stain adjacent surfaces during operation.


The material is self-adhesive sound-absorbing and sealing on the basis of special
polyurethane foam, a relief in the form of pyramids.

Specification :
? Thickness : 15 mm
? Size of sheet : 500 X 500 MM
? Temperature range of operability : – 40? + 90?C
? Quantity in the package : 10 sheets
? Sound absorption level : 80%
? 10 times more effective than the standard foam rubber (sound absorption in the
frequency range 1200 – 10000Hz)
? Non-flammable


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